kennedy choi

art director

Reeseter Egg Hunt

Easter 2020 was a unique one, for sure 🐰🌷

With the pandemic in full swing, we were challenged to come up with ideas to keep Easter alive.
Knowing that all IRL Easter Hunts were cancelled, we decided to show up virtually! 

We got noticed by

⬇️ Scroll to see how  ⬇️


On Instagram, we created 20 Reeseter accounts that served as hidden eggs.

We then hid them as tags in posts across our sister Hershey’s brand accounts (Oh Henry, Chipits, Hershey’s, Reese’s).

Fans had to scour across the different profiles to find the hidden tags.
Once found, the fan had comment to claim the Reeseter Eggs!

⬇️Here are some of the places Reeseter was hiding ⬇️

We also kept the hunt going on Snapchat 👻... 

Snapchat - Selfie View 😬

“Say Reeeese!“

We created a selfie filter using renders of
our favorite Easter Mascot, Reeseter.

Snapchat - World View 🌎

When fans flip the camera, they could hunt
for Reeseter eggs by tapping. 

Once they’ve collected all 10,
they could fill out a form to win! 

...And that’s how we saved Easter! 🐥

agency: anomaly

art director: kennedy choi
  jenai kershaw
acd: marko pandza & jason kerr

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